14/8/2020       I have Purchased a Miniature who is due to give birth within the next week. I will know soon what she has in the way of Boys & girls. She has been mated  Aus Champion Bienaime DeBanjo Boy.                                                                                                                                _________________________________________


Hi Iris,

Negresca Poodles were well represented yesterday at the Agility Dog Club of NSW's winter trial.

Susie and Storm won Novice Jumping 600, Just beating Barry and Sterling by less then 1 sec.

Sterling almost made a qualification in Novice Agility, not quite being able to repeat his last week's effort which I missed as we were still overseas. Storm's improving in the agility discipline too.

Boomer won Excellent Agility 600 at his at his first go at this level with a lovely qualifying run He came in second in Excellent Jumping 600. unfortunately with one fault. just down to inexperience.

He was winning Novice Gamblers, but slipped on the grass and knocked down the first bar in the distance challenge. so couldn't score the "Gamble".

Lyla managed a pass in Excellent Gamblers though and just missed out on a difficult Master Agility with one fault and an equally difficult Master Jumping, by less than a sec. Still a better effort than most of the competitors in these events.

You would have been pround of them all and I think a couple of the dedicated agility breeders were a bit envious of how well the lovely Standard Poodles ran!

Back to the cold winter, but we can cuddle up with the fur-kids.

Hope all is well and you have settled into your new place.


Barb & Rob